Collection Litigation eXchange

A platform that helps financial institutions and insurers deploy mass-litigation strategies across their footprint.

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Lawgix empowers enterprises to scale legal models with centralized compliance, quality assurance, and real-time vendor collaboration.

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    Lawgix provides a 360 degree view of a consumer in collections

    Be able to know if a consumer in collections has multiple products with your financial institution

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    Lawgix offers technology and services to manage the entire collection litigation process; from decisioning to placement, and from suit to post judgment

    This is workflow technology that can be used how the financial institution wants to use it to make their jobs more compliant, efficient, and revenue producing. It is a collaborative platform allowing the business line, the law division, and outside counsel to work together in real time.


Be compliant and audit ready

With the Lawgix platform you have built in compliance automation so you’re ready for the most stringent of client audits.

Track everything

The Lawgix Platform creates one system of record for the business line, the law division, collection agencies, and outside counsel, so all parties can be engaged without details falling through the cracks.

Data in real-time

Integrated with 3rd party data providers to scrub based on the compliance needs of the financial institution

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    Custom Workflow

    Workflows for specific products in specific jurisdictions.

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    Compliance Management

    Tools to track attorney meaningful involvement and compliance with CFPB regulations and OCC guidance.

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    Integrated Legal Services

    Collaborative workflows enable seamless interactions between attorney and client.

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    Cutting edge enterprise security minimizes risks and protects consumer data. SOC I, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001 compliant.

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    Cost Effective

    A flat menu of fees for each item of work means that you keep more of every liquidated dollar.

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    Data and Analytics

    Real-time data sharing and meaningful analytics on the collection and litigation processes and performance.

Code Driven Compliance

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    Lower legal exposure and customer complaints.

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    Implementing regulation- and case law-driven changes that take hours instead of weeks or months.

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    Smaller Legal and Operations departments that manage highly scalable collection efforts.

Collection Litigation eXchange provides you the following compliance advantages and documentation:

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    Time spent reviewing each document

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    Data points reviewed for each document

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    Number of documents reviewed by a user within a given time frame

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    Confirms user reviewed original account level documentation (OALD) when signing a document

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    Requires a user take customizable steps before signing a document or moving to the next step in the process

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    Flexibility to design the platform to meet your specific compliance needs.


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